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How To Find The Perfect Sofa For Your Home

Are you someone who is looking for a new sofa? Do you have questions on what to consider when purchasing your sofa? Or maybe you don’t know where to start the process, and you’re starting here at this article. Welcome! We’re here to discuss the key factors and main differences when it comes to purchasing your sofa. 


Questions to consider before purchasing your sofa:

1. How big is the living room?

2. What color should the sofa be?

3. Is the room formal or informal?

4. How many people will be using the sofa?

5. Where will the sofa go in your house?

6. Can you store it easily when not in use?

7. Do you want an ottoman to go with it or a chaise lounge?

These are some of the many questions you may be asking yourself when you’re sofa shopping, but the questions shouldn’t stop there.


Consider Why and What You’re Looking For

It’s important to consider the look, design, color, shape, material, and even ease of cleaning when picking out the perfect sofa for your home. 

When choosing a sofa, you should think of your living space and how you and your family personally use it. For example, if the sofa will be used as a living room sitting area, it might need to be more formal. If it’s going to live in an office as a seating area, then possibly it should be more “corporate” or modern. Or, possibly you’re someone who lives for entertaining guests on the weekends, and you need something that seats a larger crowd, then I would suggest looking into sectionals. Some couches can function in all environments; it may just take time to find the perfect one. 


What Options Do I Have?

When it comes time to purchase a sofa, it may seem like an easy decision to make. A sofa is usually one of the most expensive items in a person’s home. Larger purchases like this need to be selected with time and care, and one will also want to consider all possible options before making a purchase. What options do you ask? With the ease of online purchasing today, many online furniture stores have quite an extensive selection. There are also brick and mortar options that are local to you other than your average big chain stores like Ashley Furniture. Also, consider thrifting as there can be some great options to repurpose. 

The best way to determine price ranges is to visit various websites and compare pricing. It is also essential to understand the difference between cheap and affordable. Cheap products usually mean poor quality, but affordable products don’t always mean high quality.


Determining Pricing for Sofas

There can be some difficulties when it comes to figuring out prices for products:

  1. There may not be a price explicitly listed on the website, making it difficult to estimate an item or service costs.
  2. Stores will often list their prices in different currencies, making pricing more difficult as conversion rates change with time.
  3. These difficulties can lead people to pay too much for an item because they don’t know the average price for that product or service in their currency.

All in all, do your research! This will not be a purchase that should only take an hour. Also, remember to factor in reviews, ratings, and company research as a whole, so you know what you are buying. If you’d like to look further into pricing averages for sofas, an expert tells it best in this video.


Sofas Broken Down:

Sofas are a multipurpose living room essential. Research has shown that people spend more time sitting on their couches than chairs or beds, so it is crucial to find a piece of furniture that will be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to you and your family’s needs. Now that working from home is a more viable option for most picking out something comfortable is even more critical. Take a look at this video in which experts better explain how to comfortably and ergonomically work from home right from your couch. This may cause you to reconsider  what type of couch you need. Sofas are typically divided into several categories: couches, love seats, sofas, and sectionals. All types of sofas have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. 



Couches come from the French verb “couche,” which means to lie down. With that being said, this is typically why they are larger and comfier, as they are used for lounging. Couches are much larger than love seats. They are usually designed with a straight back, arms, and legs and are used more for comfort and conversations. While they tend to seat about 3-5 people, they are also less likely to have built-in sleepers.Couches typically have more padding and can be found in most typical family homes today. On average, a couch will typically last up to 8 years before a new one is purchased, or its overall appeal and upholding start to wither. A popular couch we love is the Alice sold on Luxury Furn




Love Seats

Love seats typically seat two people comfortably, hence the name “love seat.” You can find them in many shapes and styles; they are more often used to bring a room together for look and aesthetic. While couches typically average between 71-90 inches long, love seats average about 60 inches. The easiest way to tell the difference between a loveseat and a couch is the cushions. While couches have three or more, love seats only have 1-2. If you’re someone who loves simple, neutral-toned loveseats, our favorite currently is the Lilly found here



Sofas are often the popular choice for the modern-day family. Sofas have soft padded arms and soft plush cushions for extra comfort.In fact, the cushions are typically longer in length and depth just for this purpose. They also typically have more space for seating and will often come with a built-in sleeper. If you’re someone who likes a bold statement piece but still something that’s going to be comfortable, check out this Sable 3 seater sofa found here.


Sectionals may be perfect for you if you are trying to ‘build’ your ideal couch. Sectionals come with multiple pieces, so you can pick and choose how or where you want your sectional to go. One of the best benefits of sectionals is their versatility and amount of people they can seat. They are the perfect sofa for entertainment. A great sectional statement piece made for any home can be found here!




Finding Your Style

Is your home more contemporary? Modern? What about vintage? All great styles that you can undoubtedly pair the perfect sofa too. The most popular styles of sofas are either the traditional, formal sofa with tall backs and cane-like legs or the more contemporary, Scandinavian design with clean lines and streamlined comfort. There are also the modern L-shaped sectionals that come in a variety of finishes and colors. It is no wonder then that people look to choose sofas that will enhance their home decor style.

 When it comes to considering material for your sofa, there are many. Leather, fabric, and wool are a few to name. Every material has its appeal and drawbacks. Some people prefer the look of leather sofas, while others want to purchase fabric sofas because they are easier to clean than most fabrics such as wool or cotton.

 While many people find the look and comfort critical, some use sofas as purely decorative pieces in their homes, while others use them to be the perfect spot for entertaining guests. Which is more important to you? Do you have kids that tend to make messes or spills? Possibly a leather sofa would be more suitable. What about body temperature? I know that may be something silly to consider but keep in mind leather couches are also cooler and not quite as warm and cozy as something with fabric. 


How To Create A More Inviting Space 

There are a few ways that you can make your living room an inviting space. One way is through furniture and accessories. You can add a coffee table to the room or use small candles on the mantle for that perfect touch. Another way is by adding wall art  and frames for pictures or mirrors so that the room has a more cozy feel like it’s lived in. After all, the living is the first impression for your guests. It provides a spot to show off your personality and for space to entertain.

But how do we tie it all together for an exciting living room experience?

A living room can’t survive solely off the sofa; it needs different types of furniture with storage and space for entertaining guests. There should be an area for a TV or entertainment center and an area where someone can lie down, read, or have their morning coffee on the weekends. A living room needs a place to put all of your belongings, such as bookshelves and evenly surrounded cabinets, for additional storage. Some people like to add an accent wall in either one color or different shades of one color, so it stands out from the rest of the walls. Some people like to add statement light fixtures like chandeliers, pendant lighting, and even floor lamps to enhance the ambiance and overall vibe of the room. Living rooms are also great spots to show your personality through decorations like plants, pillows and throws in colors that match your style.

If you need help choosing the right seating for your space, please reach out to one of our specialists.

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